The Catapult

How Wirra Wirra came to own a medieval siege machine.

The late Greg Trott saw many of his unusual dreams realised at Wirra Wirra. Yet one vision eluded him - to build a medieval siege machine. 
Inspired by a trip to Great Britain and witnessing the giant trebuchet of Hew Kennedy of Acton Round Hall, Shropshire - Trott wanted one. He had visions of other wineries building their own weapons and staging epic competitions. The plan was to moor a boat off Aldinga beach, line the cliffs with catapults from various wineries and see who could hit the vessel with a hurled watermelon.

Trott's dream of a Wirra Wirra catapult was achieved posthumously in 2009 and it has flung countless watermelons (one filled with fireworks) into neighbouring paddocks, the occasion vineyard and one unlucky BBQ hut.   

A watermelon loaded with fireworks being flung as part of Wirra Wirra's 125th anniversary celebrations.